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Client Satisfaction Survey

Our Aim

"We aspire to be recognised as the most customer focused certification body in our industry. Meeting this primary objective means really understanding our clients needs, so we can deliver a range of high value services that provide lasting benefits now and into the future."

David Fenn, Chief Executive


About the Survey

Since 2010, we have been asking our clients what we do well, and what we can improve via our annual Client Satisfaction Survey. Now in its fifth year, the survey continues to form a key part in the assessment of our primary aim - to be recognised as the most customer focused certification body in our industry.

Our Client Satisfaction Survey focuses on the delivery of our ISO certification services, with questions based on 12 of our customers’ most highly rated service requirements. Clients were then asked to rate both the importance and satisfaction of these requirements on a 10-point scale. A representative sample of clients took part in the 2014 survey, which was administered on our behalf by Lake Market Research.

Getting our priorities right

Our survey focused on 12 key client requirements, which respondents were asked to rate in order of priority. This helps us to identify where we need to concentrate our efforts in order to provide our clients with the type of service they want. For most, ‘Feedback from the Audit' and 'Clarity of what is required of the client' were clear priorities, closely followed by ‘Thoroughness of the Audit' and ‘Communication with the Assessor’.

Understanding these priorities in detail helps us to work harder in the areas that matter most. Respondents told us that all aspects of communication throughout the certification process continue to be of high importance, so we'll be sure to continue to invest time and effort to ensure that your needs are fully met.

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