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How did our clients rate us?

We are delighted to report that satisfaction levels remain high, with the majority (86%) of clients scoring between 8 and 10 across all aspects of the customer experience. In fact over half (59%) of clients gave a score of 9 or 10 out of 10 when asked to rate their satisfaction with the British Assessment Bureau overall.

The following chart shows the average scores that our clients gave for each of the service attributes listed in the survey. A score of 10 is 'totally satisfied', down to a score of 1, which is 'totally dissatisfied'. As can be seen from our findings, the majority of clients are very happy with the service provided across all service attributes.

Average client satisfaction 2014

Customer Pledge Fulfillment

In 2013, as a commitment to our overarching aim, we launched our Customer Pledge – five promises that we make to all of our customers.  To ensure that we are fulfilling these promises, we asked customers, via the annual survey, to judge us against our Customer Pledge. The chart below shows agreement scores with eight statements that reflect our promises. We are pleased to report high agreement scores with each of the statements – ranging from 82% (“The price I paid for the service I received was reasonable”) to 98% (“Communication from the BAB Team is friendly”).

Agreement with Customer Pledges 2014

Survey Comments

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