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20 January 2015

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Case Study: All Seasons Hire

With distribution and engineering centres located in the UK and Ireland, All Seasons Hire provides both temporary and permanent solutions for businesses with cooling and heating needs. Clients range from large national facilities management providers, M&E and HVAC contractors, retailers, hospitals, event organisers, technology companies and more. Disaster recovery for any HVAC demand is also a major focus. They also offer services including a turn-key approach capable of matching market demand for temporary cooling and heating solutions.

All Seasons are ISO 9001 certified

The company has a number of credentials in place to back up the team’s combined 30 years of industry experience, being Gas Safe registered and Safe Contractor Approved already, the company has now added ISO 9001, 14001 and 18001 standards to their list of accreditations. Below, they share their experience and the effects of achieving certification.

The challenge

All Seasons Hire aim to deliver great service through the provision of flexible and tailored HVAC hire solutions. The team’s experience means each project utilises the right products, installation and correct mix of ancillary items to ensure the best possible outcome. To ensure this same professionalism was engrained throughout every area of the business, the company decided to engage with a third-party in order to check what they had in place was best practice. Ray Shearer – who implemented the standards – explained All Seasons’ motivation, saying;

“We wanted to measure the activity of the company and maintain a consistent approach to customer relationships. We therefore saw an external audit as an opportunity to ensure we are complying with our standard operating processes.”

In order to achieve this aim across the business, the company opted for the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, which cover quality, environmental and health and safety management respectively. With similar structures, this meant there would be synergy between the standards, leading to time saved over opting for three separate solutions.

The solution

With the ISO and OHSAS standards decided upon, it was then a case of choosing a certification provider. Ray commented on his reasons for choosing BAB;

“We required a professional certification body to actively ensure that our compliance with the standards was measured accurately. Having spoken to BAB, they provided a clear explanation to give us confidence in moving forward.”

All Season have ISO 14001 too

Achieving certification to all three standards uses the same process. All Seasons were first visited by their auditor for their Stage 1 visit in order to ascertain how the company’s existing processes aligned with the requirements of the standards. Ray was then able to come away understanding the gaps that needed to be filled in order for the certification audit to be a success.

“The process was explained in a clear and concise way. The input from the auditor indicated we, in the main, were in a good place already. Any variances from the requirements were clearly identified and we managed to easily rectify them ready for our audit.”

When the company was ready, in agreement with their auditor, All Seasons were booked in for the all important Stage 2 audit. By combining what they had learnt from their initial visit, together with the company’s existing good practice, they passed their audit for all three standards first time of asking. Ray looked back at the audit, saying;

“The process was very stringent and was exactly as we would expect from a professional certification body. It took work, but was ultimately worth it as it provided an opportunity to assess where we are whilst giving our customers reassurance that we can be relied upon.”

The results

All Seasons also hold OHSAS 18001

Now, All Seasons can not only say they are a well run business, they can prove it. Certification to internationally recognised standards lets All Season’s clients know that the company is committed to providing a consistently high-level of service. Likewise, the company’s staff are singing off of the same sheet, saving the all too common frustrations faced by organisations with missing, out of date or ineffective processes. Ray summed up the experience of achieving certification;

“The impact on the business model has been sensational. Whilst we have consistently strived to improve our customer service and H&S performance, the standard we now try to achieve is being measured and improved at each stage of our development. We can only become a better business because of it.”

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