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20 January 2015

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Case Study: Aura Q

AuraQ, with their team of highly skilled system architects, developers and analysts, help organisations optimise their business performance with a range of bespoke software solutions and systems integration experience.

Having already proven their skills and technical expertise to establish themselves as leaders in their field, AuraQ took the step to demonstrate their commitment to delivering a quality service by achieving ISO 9001 certification.

The challenge

Aura Q at work

Being specialists in helping organisations increase efficiency in targeted business areas, AuraQ enable the management of end-to-end business  information using Business Process Management (BPM), Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The team at AuraQ were already doing a number of good things to ensure they were well managed, however, it takes a proactive company to look   at what improvements can be made in order to ensure they have the right foundations in place for further growth.

With accreditation from the likes of OpenText demonstrating their technical expertise, the company wanted to reassure clients that, as well as their excellent track record, they are a well run business that is a cut above the rest. As a result, AuraQ chose the ISO 9001 quality management standard as a way of demonstrating this ambition.

The solution

It was over to Sherilley Leach, Project Manager at AuraQ, to lead on the implementation of ISO 9001. As a member of the Management Team, Sherilley has a broad  understanding of how all aspects of the business worked, whilst having the necessary authority to ensure any recommendations would be taken seriously; qualities which are vital to achieve successful implementation.

Having formed a shortlist, AuraQ decided on using the British Assessment Bureau based on their experience and positive customer feedback, which was reflected in their  service. The certification process started with with a Stage 1 visit with a BAB Lead Assessor. As part of this, a Gap Analysis was included so AuraQ could see exactly what was required to meet ISO 9001’s requirements. Sherilley commented;

“I found our Stage 1 audit went smoothly, and was well organised. It was an extremely useful exercise; we came away knowing how ISO 9001 applied to our business and it put us in good stead to begin the preparation for a successful Stage 2 Audit.”

Clearwater specialise in the oil and gas industry

From the start, AuraQ wanted to ensure they got the most out of the standard. Accordingly, the team took their time in ensuring their Quality Management System (QMS) was embedded throughout the organisation. With the QMS operational for some time, it meant the Stage 2 audit ran effortlessly, with the company achieving certification first time around. Sherilley recalled the experience;

“We felt fully prepared and confident for our Audit. Again, the session was well structured and informative, resulting in a detailed report which, going forwards, will benefit us further as we look to continually improve.”

The results

AuraQ demonstrated that being a customer-focused business meant they already had many of the requirements in place. In fact, with not a single non-conformance, the  company passed with flying colours! Understandably, this was the stand out moment for Sherilley, who commented;

“We felt a huge sense of achievement on completion, especially receiving no non-conformities; just a couple of recommendations to enhance the QMS. With a framework focusing on continual improvement in place, AuraQ’s customers can feel confident they will receive a consistently high-quality service.”

Sherilley spoke enthusiastically about what the future holds;

“With ISO 9001 certification, not only do we have a competitive advantage, we also have gained from having greater consistency and traceability throughout the business, which is beneficial to both our clients and our team.”

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