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20 January 2015

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Case Study: Calder Security

ISO 9001

Calder Security provides a range of security services to commercial and domestic markets across the Yorkshire region, from intruder alarms, to CCTV systems, to 24 Hour monitoring.

Having recently achieved certification, Calder Security have shared their experience of implementing the ISO 9001 standard with the British Assessment Bureau (BAB).

The challenge

Calder Security Office

Calder Security has been running a successful security company since 1976. With a range of customers in both the commercial and domestic sectors, more recently they have been looking to expand their business by working with larger clients.

Managing Director, Simon Cook, commented on what first sparked interest in ISO 9001;

“We have noticed that ISO 9001 has become increasingly requested. It became apparent that implementing the standard could be the key to strengthening our offering to the larger customers we are trying to win over.”

The solution

After carrying out online research, Simon was encouraged after the British Assessment Bureau (BAB) told him, unlike others, that certification could be achieved within 3 months.

Before the formal audit, all clients are visited beforehand to see what they already have in place. This helps to identify what gaps need to be filled in order to meet the requirements of their chosen standard. With Calder Security finding that they already had much of what was required in place, it led to a hassle-free experience.  Simon went on to comment on the process;

“Our assessor Steve was fantastic; he systematically went through all the expectations of ISO 9001 and provided clear-cut explanations.  The process was a pleasure to complete and was a lot simpler than we believed.”

Impressively, Calder Security comfortably beat their ideal deadline, achieving certification in just 8 weeks. Robert Fenn, Director at BAB, commented on their achievement;

“The speed that Simon and his team achieved successful implementation of the standard demonstrates they were already doing a lot of things right. ISO 9001 may seem daunting at first glance, but as Calder Security demonstrated, achieving certification is straight-forward for any well run business.”

Simon added, “It was very satisfying to know that our company was already using quality processes effectively; achieving the ISO 9001 standard so quickly gave us a great sense of satisfaction.”

The results

Simon’s desire was for Calder Security’s certification to make a positive impression to potential new customers. Now members of an exclusive club, Simon reflected on the weeks after Calder Security were awarded their ISO 9001 certificate;

“Our larger customers have been very impressed. It has also helped to secure media coverage, so we’re looking forward to what the future brings.”


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