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20 January 2015

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Case Study: Clicks Digital Solutions

ISO 14001

Clicks Digital Solutions is the leading market provider of bespoke digital print solutions, large format display and presentation services. With over 20 year’s experience, they provide dynamic and creatively printed images for major retail brands and blue chip companies where speed and efficiency is mission critical.

Clicks Digital Solutions made the decision to invest in the implementation of a certified environmental management system back in September 2007, and have successfully held ISO 14001 certification since May 2008. In this case study, Alan Rigglesford, General Manager, tells us of his experience.

The challenge

As General Manager, Alan is responsible for the day-to-day running of the organisation. Included in this busy role is oversight of the company’s environmental management system, whereby Alan is responsible for internal audits, ensuring that inspection paperwork for their ISO 14001 certification remains up-to-date.

Strong environmental credentials are crucial in the print industry; not only in terms of credibility, but increasingly, as Alan found out, as a client request and for tendering purposes.

Click Digital's print work

“We sought ISO 14001 certification as it was coming up more and more in tenders, and prospective clients were requesting that we had it in place.”

The solution

Alan inherited responsibility for maintaining the ISO 14001 certification from a colleague, who chose the British Assessment Bureau (BAB) as their service provider based upon an initial Google search.

“The BAB website came across as very professional, and the information provided on the ISO 14001 standard was well received.”

BAB first conducted a Gap Analysis (‘Stage 1’ visit) and delivered a detailed report describing all of the required actions prior to the formal audit. Alan says of this process;

“On reflection, it would have been beneficial to have some more ‘hand-holding’ during the implementation process, as we found we had over prepared initially. However, the process has become easier to understand as we have progressed and it helps that the meetings are relaxed and informal – the Assessors are not there to ‘catch you out’, which is  reassuring. This is in contrast to some of the other Standards we have to maintain, which are much more focused on ‘crossing the t’s and dotting the i’s’.”

Once an organisation is ready for a formal Audit Assessment (‘Stage 2’ visit), a Lead Assessor will make the required arrangements for the Audit to take place. Alan says,

An example of Click Digital's work

“I have had 6 or 7 years experience of working alongside BAB to maintain our certification and the knowledge of each of the Assessors I have seen has been of a high standard. When there is a change in Assessor care is taken to compare notes, so they have been knowledgeable about our business and what has gone before.”

“The audits have become more of a formality over time and, now the appropriate systems are in place, the whole Environmental Management System takes up less management time, which is of benefit to us.”

The results

BAB is committed to helping clients progress and achieve outstanding results through the application of effective standards and management best practice. The benefits of this include a more motivated workforce, less re-work and increased customer satisfaction. Clients tell BAB that gaining certification can also help to gain funding, qualify for tenders and set them apart from competitors. Alan says;

Example work at the London Dungeons

“We have definitely noticed an improvement in efficiency as a result of implementing ISO 14001. Improving our environmental awareness has also resulted in tangible cost savings through simple changes such as monitoring our energy usage, installing light sensors, and producing electronic invoices instead of paper ones.”

“From a scoring point of view, we are now much more favourable to potential clients in pre-qualification questionnaires.”

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It has helped us to win business with larger companies that we couldn't deal with as they insisted on ISO 14001. United Commercial Trading (UK)

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