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20 January 2015

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Case Study: Hatton Textiles

ISO 9001

Since 1984, Hatton Textiles have been designing and sourcing manufacturing solutions for bespoke branded promotional clothing and textiles. From towels for world-famous sports brands, to pants for Coca-Cola, the company can provide a solution for any given scenario.

Hatton Textiles’ expertise has been recognised by the British Promotional Merchandising Association (BPMA), who have awarded the company accredited status. In 2013, the company decided to further demonstrate their credentials by seeking ISO 9001 certification. Here, they share their experience.

The challenge

With a range of household names as clients, Hatton Textiles have worked tirelessly for 30 years to forge a reputation as a leader in their industry. However, recognising there is always room for improvement, the company looked for opportunities to help bring greater efficiency for the benefit of both their staff and clients. In ISO 9001, they found an internationally-recognised framework that they could benchmark against their well established procedures.

It was ultimately Sales Director Richard King’s decision to opt for the quality management standard and he, together with his team, would take responsibility for implementing it across the company. Richard Commented;

Hatton Textiles' team achieve ISO 9001 quality certification

“We saw ISO 9001 as an opportunity to review our procedures to see if we could uncover further efficiencies which would help to reduce costs. We also found that holding certification to the standard could lead to more work, as larger clients had indicated it would be a positive step.”

Quite simply, ISO 9001 certification provides reassurance that organisations deliver a high level of service, consistently.  The standard involves rigorous audits to ensure ongoing compliance, which is why it is rightly recognised as international best practice for quality management. With this worldwide acceptance, achieving certification provided an opportunity for Hatton Textiles to demonstrate they were at the forefront of their market.

The solution

With ISO 9001 recognised as the way forward in order rubber stamp their existing processes, Richard explained why he chose BAB;

“We wanted to be assessed by a recognised authority in order to demonstrate to clients that we can meet the highest of expectations. To give the greatest credibility, we chose the BAB as they are a well recognised and leading certification body.”

Hatton Textiles were first visited by their auditor for their Stage 1 visit in order to ascertain how the company’s existing processes aligned with the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. The idea was for Richard to understand exactly what needed to be in place in order for the company to successfully achieve certification. Richard commented;

“Due to our existing procedures, the process of assessment ran smoother than I anticipated. However we could see that areas where we needed improvement would have knock on benefits for the wider business.”

When the company was ready, in agreement with their auditor, Hatton Textiles were booked in for the all important Stage 2 audit. By combining what they had learnt from their initial visit, together with the company’s existing good practice, they passed their audit first time of asking. Richard shared his experience of the experience;

“We found immediate benefits in terms of staff training, recruitment and progression during the implementation of the standard. Moreover, we’ve increased the levels of customer communication and have started to see the benefit of this in terms of sales.”

The results

With the company already reaping rewards from implementing ISO 9001 in the right spirit, the hard work from Richard and his team has paid off. Benefiting from greater efficiency, the company have reduced the risk of errors and resulting re-work which could have had a negative impact on customer relationships. With certification in place, they’re a company that can be trusted. Richard summed up the changes he’s noticed;

“Whilst the highlight was undoubtedly in receiving accreditation, it’s been an interesting review of our business and has highlighted areas for growth thanks to the improvements we’ve made with customers and suppliers. It has made a tangible difference to the bottom line and I look forward to see how we can improve further so we can continue delivering a great service.”


Hatton Textiles is an Accredited Member of the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA), a leading industry body dedicated to promoting best practice around the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution of promotional products. In order to assist members to be seen as exemplars of best practice, the BPMA have appointed BAB as their ISO certification partner.

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