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20 January 2015

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Case Study: Omega Lettings

ISO 9001

Omega Lettings was founded in 1998 as a family business. From small beginnings, they have become one of the leading private sector providers of residential lettings and management services, as well as social housing services to local authorities.

Omega Lettings has held ISO 9001 certification with the British Assessment Bureau (BAB) since September 2009, demonstrating their commitment to understanding and meeting customer requirements and guaranteeing the quality of their products and services.

The challenge

Mario Theodosiou, Operations Manager, responsible for compliance and policies at Omega Lettings, explains the importance of maintaining a formal quality system in his industry:

“We identified that ISO 9001 would enable us to structure communication throughout the organisation, therefore improving efficiency. Certification would also satisfy our customer’s requirement for high quality products and services. We also felt that implementing the ISO 9001 standard would have a positive influence on our personnel – by re-structuring our departments and ways of working to operate more productively.”

The solution

After much initial research, Mario was impressed with the service offered by BAB and based their decision to proceed on the positive experience had upon initial enquiry.

“I initially investigated many other certification bodies and spoke to them in depth. I read many reviews and spoke to people that had achieved certification with other providers. BAB was prompt with all information requested and I felt comfortable asking questions during my enquiries – I never felt the experience was pressured. I also had very good feedback from another organisation that experienced the same service that I did from BAB on enquiry. Based on this, we decided that BAB would be our choice in gaining ISO 9001 certification.”

Once an organisation is ready for a formal Audit Assessment, a Lead Assessor will make the required arrangements for the Audit to take place. Mario says of this process, “The Audit process was very structured – the Auditor explained in detail how the meeting would be conducted and the requirements to be reviewed. I felt that I was very much a part of the audit and felt comfortable throughout the process.”

The results

ISO 9001 certification has raised the profile of their organisation, which they have since received recognition for and have noticed a positive impact on the efficiency of their internal systems.

“We have become better structured and more organised – resulting in improved reporting. Our personnel have adapted to the changes very well and the Audits have become a disciplined means of improving business. We have received recognition from business partners on the quality of our products and services, and feel our reputation has been enhanced as a result.”

“The feeling when told that our organisation had been certified was greeted with the biggest smile by all in the meeting. The feeling of achievement and recognition was quite overwhelming and we felt very proud of our accomplishment. This feeling was renewed as the framed certificate took pride of place in the Managing Director’s office.”

About the British Assessment Bureau

Since 1969, we have been helping companies to win new business, to improve their levels of customer service, and to establish their green credentials. As a pre-eminent certification body, we have certified over 2,000 companies to ISO 9001, 14001, 27001 and OHSAS 18001.



Clare Tiley
The British Assessment Bureau
Research and Analysis Manager

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