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Welcome to our area devoted to the measurement and analysis of customer satisfaction. This page provides an overview of the methodologies we employ with separate sections covering the process of implementing an effective customer satisfaction measurement programme and the benefits your organisation can expect as a result.

Reviewing and acting swiftly upon the findings will have a positive impact on your customers’ perception of your organisation and their resultant satisfaction. Research shows that satisfied customers provide a significant competitive advantage, which can directly lead to increases in profitability and growth.

By choosing the British Assessment Bureau Singapore to undertake your customer satisfaction research, you can be sure you’ll be in safe hands. Your dedicated Research Manager will have the expert knowledge and experience required to maximise latest research methods and a background in quality management systems, to ensure your organisation gets the most from your programme.


It has helped us to win business with larger companies that we couldn't deal with as they insisted on ISO 14001. United Commercial Trading (UK)

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