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The Benefits

It should go without saying that it is in an organisation’s best interests to ensure that customers are delighted with the product or service they receive. There is research aplenty which shows that satisfied customers provide a significant competitive advantage, which can directly lead to increases in profitability and growth.

In particular, satisfied customers are more likely to:

  • Return again and again and purchase more
  • Recommend you to others and tell others about their positive experience
  • Pay a premium for the privilege of doing business with a supplier they trust

Many organisations wrongly assume that their customers are happy with the product or service provided, relying perhaps on sales figures, customer complaint levels, or ad hoc comments from feedback forms. Unfortunately, such measures only give you part of the picture. Sales volumes can rise and fall for reasons other than customer satisfaction. Customer complaints can merely represent the vocal few - as many dissatisfied customers simply walk away - and whilst useful, ad hoc feedback isn’t representative of your entire customer base.

In order to provide accurate customer satisfaction data that will allow you to compare issues, provide benchmark data and allow for the tracking of changes over time, a quantitative survey method is required. The benefits of conducting a customer satisfaction survey, as part of a wider customer satisfaction improvement programme, are outlined below:

  • Understand how customers perceive your organisation
  • Identify specific customer requirements and your performance in meeting them
  • Identify priorities for improvement (PFIs) - areas where improvements will produce greatest overall gains
  • Set goals for service improvement and monitor progress over time


We needed this certification in order to maintain an important customer. Also, it has given us a good image within the industry. John McCall Architects

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