Make you stand out


We are proud of our success in the UK and what we’ve contributed to our clients. We are excited to therefore venture into the Singapore market and continue to grow and expand. Read on below to see first hand the benefits we’ve contributed to our vast array of clients in the UK to confirm your intention to reach out to British Assessment Bureau Singapore. We are striving to achieve the same high quality results as we consistently achieve and continue to achieve back in the UK.

I was surprised at how straightforward and easy to implement the whole process was. W&O Events Limited
We have been continually satisfied with the services they offer and are soon to undergo our third year audit with BAB. FA of Wales
It has streamlined the procedures and processes of our company and made us look more professional. Neon Digital
It has opened the door to more companies who insist on ISO 9001. The Hill Company
ISO 14001 helped us land contracts we otherwise would not have gained. Marco Cable Management
We have got additional new business that we wouldn't have been able to attain before. Lorica Consulting
Really great service - (BAB) really work with you to understand your business. Lodestar
The initial process was relatively straightforward, with clear information about expectations and explanation of the process. Age UK Hounslow
It has opened up markets and we have been able win tenders, without the ISO's we are not even eligible to submit a tender. Fine Turf
We needed this certification in order to maintain an important customer. Also, it has given us a good image within the industry. John McCall Architects
We have been able to show that we have the appropriate environmental management systems in place which has enabled us to win public sector contracts. Mascot Management
We chose BAB from a shortlist of four. BAB presented the most straightforward process, and I liked that there were no hidden costs and did 'exactly what they said on the tin. RD Retail Solutions
I have always found the BAB to be very easy to work with. Some of my colleagues in other organisations who are going through ISO 9001 are really struggling. North Tyneside Voda
It has helped us to win business with larger companies that we couldn't deal with as they insisted on ISO 14001. United Commercial Trading (UK)
Very knowledgeable, helpful and leaders in Sustainability, Health & Safety and Energy Management - Thank you. National Savings and Investments (NS&I)
I found the service to be informal, friendly and helpful. Rubicon Corporate Print Limited
Have been extremely happy throughout the whole process. Essency Consulting
The BAB was very understanding about the misgivings of a small company going for ISO 9001. They were reassuring about the processes involved and very encouraging about something which is a big deal for us and seemed, at times, quite daunting. Ripley & Friends Ltd
Having completed one year and received confirmation of our continued registration it has been a real success story for us. Long may it continue! Interpart UK Limited
Really happy, found the whole process relatively easy and actually enjoyed the process! HTC Floor Systems Limited